Kush Master Seed 1751 Draper Valley Rd
    Selma, OR 97538, USA

    Pre ‘98
    Bubba Kush


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    We are the Breeder
    of the Pre ‘98 strain of
    Bubba Kush CBD and
    CBG Seeds

    Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush our best-selling seed… “a low maintenance solution for busy growers!”

    “In the early stages Bubba Kush CBD needs very minimal water so the roots can stretch out and look for water. Initially, water up and then water every other day until plants need daily watering. We started watering daily this week and our plants are waist height and temps have been in the low 100’s.”

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    We Offer

    • New Blends for the 2021 Season
    • Unique Genetics
    • Fully Feminized
    • Easiest to Grow
    • Easiest to Sell
    • The Most Opulent Grow
    • Top Selling Smokable Flower
    • Achieve the Highest Prices on Re-Sale
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    Your source for the highest quality seeds.

    About Us

    Our core values reside with consistency and integrity, being backed by experience and supported by a diverse staff of more than 30 employees. We are focused on producing scaled agriculture quantities of stable seed stock for hemp farmers across the globe. We pride ourselves on making the extra effort effort to execute a proper pheno-hunt before selling seed to the public.

    In 2021 we expect to distribute 70 to 80 million seeds. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 acres of high quality quality, properly hunted, CBD, CDG and terpene rich hemp.

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